Will Caron Butler Help Milwaukee Bucks Contend in 2013-14?

By Michael Terrill
Will Caron Butler Help Milwaukee Bucks Contend in 2013-14
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks are excited to bring a top-notch small forward with veteran experience to their young team. What is even more promising is that Caron Butler is ecstatic about playing for the Bucks, which has always been a dream of his ever since he grew up right outside of Milwaukee. The good news for fans is that Butler believes he can help the Bucks contend for a postseason berth in 2013-14.

“The Bucks made the playoffs last season and that’s a great start,” Butler told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I want to continue to do that and set the bar higher.”

The key word in Butler’s statement is “start.” Like Butler, many of the players on the team believe Milwaukee has a load of potential that is just waiting to be unleashed. The organization has provided the new coaching staff with an awesome balance of young players, who want to absorb as much basketball knowledge as possible, with talented veterans who want to win immediately.

The best part is every single player on the 15-man roster believes the team has what it takes to go the distance, as long as they stick together. Chemistry will be the most important thing for the players going forward if the team wants to be successful.

“I think that’s something we can bring to the Milwaukee Bucks, and just get everyone pointing in the same direction and focusing on contributing to win the game,” center Larry Sanders said, according to Bucks.com. “I’m excited about how much better of a team we could be if everyone had that same mindset.”

Butler is excited about playing for the Bucks because he grew up in Racine, Wis. However, he is also thrilled about the opportunity to help the younger players learn the game the proper way. Not to mention, he truly believes the organization has done an incredible job rebuilding in the offseason, which will allow the team to succeed right out of the gate.

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