Charlotte Bobcats 2013-14 Player Profile: Josh McRoberts

By danielcarney
Curtis Wilson-USA TODAY Sports

On February 21, 2013 then-Orlando Magic big man Josh McRoberts was traded to the Charlotte Bobcats for Hakim Warrick. McRoberts is a huge sleeper this season in Charlotte. He is going to be one of those guys people don’t really praise and talk about, but puts in a great effort each night and consistently plays well no matter what the circumstances are.

McRoberts was the 37th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, and not much is expected from the 37th pick in a draft. The 37th pick is not looked at as a possible superstar or top player in the league in the future, but a solid role player — and that is just McRoberts will be with the Bobcats this season.

McRoberts saw a huge increase in minutes last year in his 26 games with the Cats, and with a huge increase in his minutes (from 16 minutes a game to 30) came a big stride in his role with this team. In his 26 games with the Cats last year, McRoberts posted a career-high in both points and rebounds. He put up a total of 9.2 points a game and 7.2 rebounds. He also started 19 games and shot .505 from the field.

So what does bringing up his stats from last year have to do with this season? His play in Charlotte last year was a phenomenal sign that this season (most likely coming off the bench), McRoberts will feel even more comfortable in a Bobcats uniform and will develop more into the Cats’ offense with a full season on tap.

Having this guy come off the bench is a huge plus for this team going into the 2013-2014 NBA season. A guy who can put up 9-7 on your bench is a great asset because you can rely on him to crash the boards on each play and score down low in the post when he is either flashing or just wide open.

McRoberts is in line for the best year of his young career, and with the Bobcats having a host of other talented guys on the bench, I can definitely see a huge improvement for this Charlotte team in 2013-14.

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