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5 Ways Charlotte Bobcats Will Be Successful In 2013-14

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Bobcats success will come in 2013-2014 season: 5 reasons why

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Now I know the Charlotte Bobcats have been basically the "joke" of the NBA in the past few seasons, but that is definitely understandable. With a 28-120 record in the past two years and two coaching changes, I honestly can't be mad at people for saying that because ... let’s face it, Charlotte fans -- it's true.

But in this upcoming 2013-14 season, I sense a new era, a new beginning for this struggling Charlotte franchise. Though this season is not going to consist of some magical playoff appearance or a surprise in the Eastern Conference standings, it will definitely be a season of vast improvement for this team.

Though that turnaround for this young team might take a few years, there is no saying that this year won’t show a glimpse of the future for the Bobcats. In my mind, this season will be one of, if not the best Bobcats team in their 10-year history. With the veteran leadership now on the squad (Al Jefferson) and the other young leader in line for his best season yet (Kemba Walker), there is no saying what these two and other young talent like Cody Zeller, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bismack Biyombo can accomplish this season for this team.

So is this the year we see a Bobcats team go over the 30-win mark for only the fifth time in the team's history? I think so. I think the Cats will be extremely fun to watch this year, and I think this year is just a step to massive success for this young and talented team. But to get to that next step of success, the Cats must do a few things correct this year, and if they want to reach that 30-35 win mark this year. So here are five ways the Bobcats will be successful in the upcoming 2013-14 NBA season.

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5. Al Jefferson will greatly improve the Bobcats' rebounding

al jefferson
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The 27th-ranked rebounding team in the NBA last season will make a huge leap this year with the arrival of two talented rebounders in Al Jefferson and Cody Zeller. Don't be surprised if you see the Cats move within the top 20 rebounding teams in the league this year, because it will happen.

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4. Steve Clifford will slowly transform this team

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New Head-Coach Steve Clifford will inherit a Bobcats team that has gone 28-120 in the past two seasons. Though we can’t just expect Clifford to come in and turn this team around in no time, we can believe this guy will be the coach Charlotte has been looking for.

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3. Gerald Henderson will be the X-factor

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There is no question that Gerald Henderson will be the X-factor for this Bobcats team this year. Henderson set a career high in points last season with 15.5 a game, and there is no saying that all of his numbers won’t go up this season considering he missed a little time with an injury that seemed to bug him for 14 games last year. I feel that Henderson is in line for the best year of his young career.

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2. Cody Zeller will have an exceptional rookie season

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Cody Zeller will be no Adam Morrison, but the thing the Cats will dread most is if this guy turns out to be a bust after using the fourth pick on him in this year’s draft. I think Zeller will bolster the Bobcats on the rebounding end this season and also will contribute constantly on the scoring end.

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1. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will break out

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Michael Kidd-Gilchrist didn't have the best rookie season last year and if he can fix a few things this upcoming season, we could see huge improvement from MKG. If his shot mechanics improve this year and he feels comfortable with his shot, he will be more of a threat for this team on the scoring end this season.