Air Jordan Releases Retro and Slick Looking Atlanta Hawks Shoe

By Dave Daniels
Daniel Shirey- USA TODAY Sports

Oh man if I only had a loose hundred bucks burning a hole in my pocket and then I could have a pair of these sick looking Air Jordans. They are a retro Atlanta Hawks pair which you can check out below. The Dominique Wilkins look is a pretty good one, and if I was a Hawks fan not sure I could resist.

Also, saw the good news that Esteban Batista, a former Hawk, is playing well for Uruguay which is pretty cool for them. Too bad he longer plays for them, but we’ll see if they can succeed next season regardless. It would be a lot of fun to see all of the basketball going on overseas, but somebody has to hold down the fort in Chicago right?

The Hawks will probably be in a familiar position next season being a playoff team that is not seriously in the hunt for a championship so forgive me if I’m more excited about their shoes than the actual team. Not exactly sure what kind of roster they are putting together down there, but if they wore these shoes then at least their feet would look good. I’d probably tune in and watch them a bit more.

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