Caron Butler Expected to Play Big Role for Milwaukee Bucks

By Michael Terrill
Caron Butler Expected to Play Big Role for Milwaukee Bucks
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks’ roster for the upcoming season is going to have a lot of young players mixed with talented veterans. It could definitely be a recipe for success, especially if some of the younger guys step up immediately. After acquiring small forward Caron Butler in a trade recently, there is no question he is the veteran that will be expected to play a bigger role than others do.

“We talked about trying to build a championship-caliber team and we’re really excited about some of the young pieces we have on our roster,” Bucks general manager John Hammond said, according to the Washington Post. “And, we’re not going to stray from that. But, also at that time, we talked about needing veteran players that can help us in that process. A veteran player that can mentor, a veteran player that can help young guys. We know Caron can do that.

“But, make no mistake, he’s here for a lot more than just that. We need him on the floor. We project him to be our starting small forward, project him to play a lot of minutes for our team, project him to help us win games.”

Butler is excited about playing for the Bucks because he grew up near Milwaukee. However, he is also thrilled about the opportunity to help the younger players learn the game the proper way. Not to mention, he truly believes the organization has done an incredible job rebuilding in the offseason, which will allow the team to succeed right out of the gate.

There are plenty of haters out there who have not bought in to what the Bucks are trying to accomplish. Many believe the numerous personnel changes this offseason will not be enough to make the team better. In fact, many believe that the organization simply replaced inefficient players with different inefficient players. One thing is for certain, Butler wanted to come to Milwaukee because he has completely on board with what the time is trying to do in 2013-14.

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