Chris Sheridan Writes Philadelphia 76ers are Clearly Tanking for Andrew Wiggins

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Wiggins
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Recently saw Chris Sheridan’s tweet below and he believes the Philadelphia 76ers are clearly tanking, which is almost undeniably true. Their general manager dodged a tanking question last week, but they should almost just own up to it. It has been a rough ride for the Sixers in recent years, and if they were able to draft forward Andrew Wiggins next summer it might turn their fortunes around. Then again, my belief in karma gives me cause to pause in the words of Stephen A. Smith. Never love to quote FirstTake, but it all happens in the line of duty.

What if the Sixers tank and they do not even end up with a quality player? Would it still be worth it to have endured another losing season as a franchise? That is debatable, but having a talent like Wiggins would sell tickets which is what the organization is probably most concerned with. It is not like the Sixers have been title contenders in the last few years, so they might as well try to set themselves up for the future. We will just have to see how the regular season shakes out for the Sixers, but something tells me it is not going to be pretty. And this time, by design.

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