Former New York Knicks Forward Bernard King Inducted into the Hall of Fame

By Dave Daniels
Debby Wong- USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations are in order to the great Bernard King who today was inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame. King’s highlights are pretty amazing and his game commanded respect. He was a fierce offensive player and many former players have said that you could not defend him one on one, which is high praise indeed from elite players. The former New York Knicks star was one of the all time great players of his generation to be sure, and that is why he was inducted. His career was unfortunately cut short by injury, and the sad truth is that with today’s medicine King’s career probably could have gone on longer and this article would probably be just a little different.

King did enough in his career to warrant this though, and Knicks fans all across the world should raise a glass today to cheers the man. This is definitely an honor that was overdue and also much deserved.

The current Knicks on the other hand, appear to be on the outside looking in at a stacked Eastern conference. Look for the Knicks to make the playoffs as a four or five seed, but it would surprise me to see them make in to the conference finals. If they had King? They might be in it for a ring.

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