Kevin Durant's Insane Pre-Draft Workout Video For Portland Trail Blazers

By Dave Daniels
Kevin Durant
Mark D. Smith- USA TODAY Sports

Internet gem alert, which I saw later today. This Portland Trail Blazers pre-draft workout video is pretty amazing even if it does makes most Blazer fans want to jump off of a tall building. This is 19 year old Kevin Durant and a lot of the highlights are pretty nuts, which you should check out below.

Durant saying he is not a better than Dirk Nowitzki is pretty hilarious at this point (although true then), and from all the threes Durant was knocking down you have to wonder if any brass in the Blazers front office want to go with Durant over Greg Oden for the number one pick. Durant was also dunking with either hand on the block, and it would honestly be hard to believe if Oden had a better workout. Durant is probably glad that things shook out the way they did, even if I wish that team had never left Seattle. Honestly, still feel bad for Seattle basketball fans after the way things went down and here is hoping that they get basketball back there sooner rather than later.

The basketball world would be a different landscape now that is for sure, but Durant would still be a star. Sorry Blazers fans, it is the sad truth.

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