Utah Jazz GM Hopes BYU Cougars Stomp Texas Longhorns "Into the Ground"

By Dave Daniels
Enes Kanter
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Have to admit this one made me chuckle a bit. The Utah Jazz’s general manager apparently hopes the Brigham Young University Cougars stomp the Texas Longhorns into the ground, which is quite a large way to say that. The Longhorns have a rushing attack that includes former Gatorade high school athlete Jonathan Gray, so it was definitely a bold statement but one that will cheer his hometown fans. You can check out GM Dennis Lindsey’s comment below, although the Cougars are still likely to lose this game.

Something tells me that Lindsey should be paying a little bit more attention to his own roster and a little bit less to do with what is going on with BYU football. Some have said that the Jazz are tanking next season for Andrew Wiggins, but something tells me their record will not quite be that bad. The development of Enes Kanter will be quite fun to watch, but if they want to win games their guards need to excel next season. In any case, something tells me the players will be paying less attention to football than their general manager. Who knows though? Maybe Kanter is at the Cougars’ games on Saturdays that he has off. They have football in Europe right? Well, no. Not quite yet.

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