Washington Wizards Jan Vesely Averaging Double Double For Czech Republic

By Dave Daniels
Stephen R. Sylvanie- USA TODAY Sports

The Jan Vesely experiment in Washington, D.C. has pretty much been a total disaster so far and that is coming from a native of the area. Vesely was drafted to be a fast break finished for John Wall, but Vesely’s lack of shooting touch was quite noticeable last season and it started to become embarrassing at times to be frank. He has some confidence issues is the best way to phrase his struggles, and he needs to work out those issues and soon.

He also could not stop fouling the other team on defense, which is definitely something he needs to work on if he ever wants to stay in the league. I’m no longer holding out hope for Vesely, but for any Washington Wizards fans out there still holding out hope here is some good news. Vesely has been averaging a double double so far for the the Czech Republic in EuroBall and here is hoping that he can carry that success over to the Wizards.

If Vesely’s confidence level has gone up, then maybe he can make buckets next season. If he can’t though? The Wizards might need to move on to another pet project, because this one has not quite qorked out in the best manner so far.

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