Why Is George Hill's Weight Loss Important To Indiana Pacers?

By Dylan Hughes
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The hometown hero George Hill has not only become a fan favorite and a very important part of the Indiana Pacers. George has been huge for the team all throughout the regular season as well as the playoffs. In fact, the Pacers actually struggle when Hill is not playing according to the facts.

Teammates Paul George and Roy Hibbert have spent their offseason building muscle to become more physically dominant at their positions, but at point guard, Hill has spent his offseason improving in a different way.

Hill tweeted out earlier today “10LBS Lighter”, which is pretty important for the role he plays on the Pacers.

Hill isn’t necessarily the normal point guard. In fact, he was and still is still trying to learn how to be a point guard. Hill played shooting guard all through his basketball career up until joining Indiana. At point guard, your role is to get your teammates involved, score when necessary, but focus on passing and getting assists.

At shooting guard, your role is just to shoot. It is pretty tough to change your mindset from just shooting to just passing, but Hill has done a fairly good job at it in his time with Indiana.

Slimming down 10 pounds will be beneficial to Hill because he is simply faster. Being lighter will help Hill keep up on defense, get the ball up the court faster, and maybe even give him that edge when driving the ball to the basket.

With the dedication Hill and the rest of the Pacers have put in this offseason and what they are building on from last season, they are definitely a team to bet on this season.

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