Milwaukee Bucks Trying to Build Team Multiple Different Ways

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Bucks Trying to Build Team Multiple Different Ways
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Bucks general manager John Hammond has made it very clear that in no way does he expect the team to lie down in the upcoming season in an attempt to get a high draft pick in 2014.That is why he has been competitive in trades and free agency this offseason. Building the current roster through multiple different ways certainly could pay off big for Milwaukee.

“There isn’t one way to build a franchise,” executive David Morway said, according to the “You can build a team [by pursuing high draft picks], but there’s a lot that goes on between the concept and the execution.”

The potential for center Larry Sanders, power forward John Henson, forward Ersan Ilyasova, small forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, small forward Khris Middleton and point guard Brandon Knight is through the roof. These six players, who have the average age of 22 years old, are the future of the Bucks. Meanwhile, Milwaukee added talented players such as O.J. Mayo, Luke Ridnour, Zaza Pachulia, Gary Neal, Carlos Delfino and Caron Butler to the mix to give the team the edge they need.

“We’re trying to say with Larry Sanders — one of the top defenders in the league — with Ersan [Ilyasova], with veterans like Zaza [Pachulia], Luke [Ridnour], Carlos [Delfino], with young players like O.J. [Mayo], Brandon [Knight], John [Henson], Gary [Neal], Ekpe [Udoh], and Giannis [Antetokounmpo], I know we may not win a world championship today, but I do think we can be competitive and continue to build with draft picks and cap space” Hammond said, according to the

Fans have been upset by some of the moves because they believe getting a high lottery pick is the only way for the team to get better. Meanwhile, the team’s critics have spoken out against questionable moves via trade and free agency.

I believe Hammond and the rest of the organization has done a tremendous job in rebuilding the team the right way. The Bucks will still be competitive while the younger players will learn how to get better. Not to mention, it shows other players who will be free agents in the near future that Milwaukee is committed to winning.

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