Don’t Expect Milwaukee Bucks to Take Step Backwards in 2013-14

By Michael Terrill
Don’t Expect Milwaukee Bucks to Take Step Backwards in 2013-14
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Many are already projecting the Milwaukee Bucks to miss the playoffs this upcoming season. The main reason for this is because many are assuming there will be a lack of chemistry. That is certainly a strong possibility with only four players returning from last season’s roster. With that being said, do not expect the Bucks to take a step backwards in 2013-14.

People outside of the organization do not expect a lot from a team that is rebuilding. It is true the Bucks did not make any flashy moves that would suggest a legitimate run through the postseason. However, they definitely made moves to stay competitive, while getting rid of some bad contracts and locker room parasites.

The so-called experts claim the team chemistry will be worse this year than it was a season ago because there are too many new faces. I believe the chemistry will be better because the roster will be filled with players who want to win. Getting rid of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis was huge in that department. The young players and veterans will buy into what Larry Drew and the talented coaching staff are selling. There are no superstars on the team, as of yet, which means they have no choice but to use team chemistry to their advantage.

The addition of quality veterans with six young players that have an average age of 22 years old means the season will be anything but predictable. With that being said, I believe the Bucks have put together a very competitive roster that will be exciting to watch during the upcoming season.

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