Gary Payton Says "Never Could Get In His Head" About Former Utah Jazz Point Guard John Stockton

By Dave Daniels
Bob Donnan- USA TODAY Sports

Point guard Gary Payton was a trouble maker in his playing days, and he is being a trouble maker in his post playing days as well. Payton recently payed former Utah Jazz point guard John Stockton the highest compliment by saying that he was harder to guard than Michael Jordan. Not sure if that is true, but I did find it interesting when Payton said you “never could get in his head” about Stockton. Apparently when Payton would jabber at Jordan it would get into his head, but I’ll admit that I’d love to see some film evidence of this. Payton did a solid job guarding Jordan in the Finals in ’96, but the game plan adjustment was made a couple games too late for a comeback.

Have always loved Stockton’s game and people forget how clutch he was as a player and underrated as a leader and a competitor. His toughness was always something his opponents and teammates noted about him, and Stockton certainly played his way through his fair share of injuries. Payton and Stockton both belong in the Hall of Fame, and it is only right that they are both there along with MJ. These two guards brought the best out of Jordan so we have them to thank for that and also for years of brilliant play. Pretty much a no brainer if I had to pick between guarding Jordan and Stockton though, and hope no one holds that against me.

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