Orlando Magic Building Brighter Future with Young Gym Rats Like Moe Harkless and Victor Oladipo

By Dave Daniels
Victor Oladipo
Douglas Jones- USA TODAY Sports

Recently read the piece below by Alex Kennedy about the young stars of the Orlando Magic which is definitely worth a read. Caution to optimistic Magic fans, because next season will probably be a little rough. Victor Oladipo is a young man with an incredibly bright future and a game that probably has no current comparison in the league. Gary Payton comes to mind especially since it appears the Magic are looking to play Oladipo at point guard for the majority of next season. Moe Harkless has a nice game as welll and if the young players can all work together and feed off of each other, then in a couple years we could be looking at a playoff team. Let us hope that is sooner rather than later, because ever since Dwight Howard’s painfully awkward and extended departure my hear has gone out to Magic fans. That was a horribly rough stretch to even witness from a distance so to watch it up close must have been truly freaking obnoxious.

Oladipo is probably my pick to win rookie of the year, although I’ll have to consider that a bit more. Cody Zeller will probably put up bigger scoring numbers, and also think a lot of folks underestimate his game. Oladipo will be a beast defensively though, and should average at least a steal and a block per game. Also look for him to come into this season with an even more improved jump shot, which proved last season to be the key to his offensive game. When Oladipo starts knocking down three pointers with regularity, then we could be looking at an All Star in the Eastern conference.

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