Phoenix Suns Pretty New Uniforms Next Season Will Hopefully Distract From Ugly Play

By Dave Daniels
Phoenix Suns
Rick Scuteri- USA TODAY Sports

Sorry could not help myself with that title. It is going to be a rough time next season to be a Phoenix Suns fan although I love the acquisition of Eric Bledsoe, the young point guard is going to need some help next season. To be honest, not sure tif that help will arrive for him. Do not love their roster next season and it is probably by design. The Suns know just as well as anybody that next summer’s draft is loaded so what exactly is the incentive for them to be amazing this season. They have collected a few pieces that they like, but ultimately they are hoping Andrew Wiggins eventually moves out to the desert. There will be other things to be excited about for the Suns next season, and one of those will be their new uniforms which you can check out below. Much thanks to the Suns for the twitter update and it will be interesting to see how often they wear these uniforms.

When you are watching Suns’ games on League Pass the best thing to keep an eye on is Bledsoe and whether he thrives in his starter role or struggles. He was able to coast at times last season, because he was usually going up against the bench of the other team. That will not be the case this season, so here is hoping for his own sake that his game has improved over the summer. Bledsoe also will not have the benefit of a star like Blake Griffin setting picks and rolling to the hoop for alley oops, so we will get to see how versatile the young point guard’s game has become. Have to admit my excitement to see him in a starter role, but also… nervous.

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