Sacramento Kings Shooting Guard Ben McLemore Should Not Follow DeMarcus Cousins' Example

By Dave Daniels
Ben McLemore Kings Summer League
Joe Camporeale – USA Today

Ben McLemore seems like a good kid, and that is why I was quite sad when the Sacramento Kings drafted him, no offense to Kings fans out there it is just not a good situation right now. Just as a basketball fan, I don’t want to see McLemore learn all the wrong lessons from DeMarcus Cousins. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cousins’ game and hope that he continues to mature as a player, because who doesn’t love watching him? The only problem is that he is so watchable right now because it could turn into a train wreck in about 30 seconds. He is watchable for all the wrong reasons, and I’m hoping that Cousins can turn the corner this season.

Here is hoping that McLemore has a strong support system move with him out there, so that the young shooting guard can have some sanity at home even if things get crazy sometimes at practice or the games. His jump shot is so pretty and if his ball handling and passing improves in the next few years then we could be looking at a perennial All Star shooting guard. He is not quite there yet, but the potential is there and it will be something good to keep an eye on. Definitely rooting for this kid and here is hoping that his time in Sacramento helps him move forward in his development as a player just not sure if it is the perfect place for him.

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