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Washington Wizards Forward Jan Vesely Led EuroBasket in Rebounding

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Debby Wong- USA TODAY Sports

As I write this after Robert Griffin III’s Monday Night Football loss last night, it is difficult for me to muster hometown optimism. The Washington Wizards should be more than pleased though with forward Jan Vesely’s play this summer for the Czech Republic, and they recently tweeted about how he led the EuroBasket tournament in rebounding. That is definitely a good sign, but the Wizards need him to have improved shooting touch next season. The tape does not lie and it is also not pretty. He might have been outside of DeAndre Jordan the most scared free throw shooter in the league, and if that does not improve next season then it might be time to cut bait. Cap space is too important and if Vesely does not one day develop into a starter, then think overall that he did not live up to what Wizards’ fans were expecting.

Hopefully Vesely can be a better running mate with John Wall next season, because Bradley Beal will make sure that the offense has good spacing. The duo of Wall and Beal is quite promising and the two seem to have clicked well so far. As a DC fan, really hoping the Wizards can put a playoff run together this season and if Vesely were to lead the team in rebounding? That would be a pretty good start. Not expecting his jumper to blossom over night (it will certainly take a few years) but if he can bring rebounding presence to the team then maybe people will still be talking about the Wizards come May and hopefully one day June.

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