Fab Melo Has Home for Training Camp with Dallas Mavericks, Won’t Last Long

By Cody Williams
Fab Melo trade Celtics
David Butler II – USA Today Sports Images

Fab Melo has been passed around the NBA this summer like a pack of gum in a group of valley girls. While looking to finally break the rotation this season with the Boston Celtics, he was traded for nearly nothing to the Memphis Grizzlies. Just two weeks after acquiring Melo, the Grizzlies decided to not keep him around, waiving the 23-yearo-old center.

After not staying put as a free-agent for the past couple of weeks, Melo has finally landed somewhere, for training camp at least. According to an official press release from the team, Melo is one of three players the Dallas Mavericks have signed to bring into training camp. The press release stated that the details of the signings were not disclosed, but one can only assume that Melo’s deal is non-guaranteed.

To put it simply, Melo won’t last long in Dallas. This has nothing to do with the constant stories about Melo’s lack of work-ethic and bad attitude. This hast nothing to do with the fact that Melo has proven only to be a shot-blocker with little-to-no offensive sense and an average-at-best overall basketball IQ. This has nothing to do with anything that Melo has done. This is really all about the Mavericks.

Dallas made a lot of moves this season that revolved around centers. They signed Samuel Dalembert and DeJuan Blair in free agency this summer and were able to re-sign both Brandan Wright and Bernard James. That’s four centers that the Mavericks are already carrying on their roster, meaning Melo is currently the fifth. Even with wanting to have injury insurance, having five centers on a roster isn’t even close to a necessary.

It’s good to see Melo get a chance to prove himself in the NBA and possibly turn his future in the league around. However, he probably won’t be able to do so in Dallas. Maybe some other team will like what they see in the preseason with Melo, but there’s really no room on the Mavericks for him.

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