Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul Needs a Running Mate to Win Late

By christopherbrown
paul alone
John David Mercer USA TODAY Sports

With so much talent dispersed throughout the NBA, it’s near impossible to win a championship without three franchise-talented players on the same roster. Of course, this contradicts the idea of parody, but that’s why the suits in the front office get paid the medium bucks; ignore the other guy’s need while exploiting every loophole possible to put as much talent on the floor as a team can outside of cloning.

The Los Angeles Clippers have one undisputed franchise player on their roster, point guard Chris Paul. He has no clear running mate and void of a third option altogether. There are significant pieces surrounding Paul, but the purpose of having multiple star players on one team is that on any day, any one of them can take over a game. Forward Blake Griffin is as close to a franchise player as a player can be. He’s an All-Star, he averaged a double-double in the past and when he’s in the open court, fans stand from their chairs and clutch their popcorn. But he can’t take over a game without Paul on the floor. Griffin has to be set up to succeed.

Reserve guard Jamal Crawford has the talent to take over a possession or two. He can light it up from anywhere on the floor and get to the basket at ease while leaving a trail of hobbling defenders with swollen ankles. When Crawford has the ball, it’s doubtful anyone else will touch it. Crawford is not a selfish player. He simply needs too much time with the ball to make anything happen, making the 24-second shot clock his worst enemy.

Paul needs help. Without it, the Clippers will win many games, but their season will end early in the playoffs as it has the past two years. The Clippers fan base is widely known for their patience, but even they are getting restless. One day in the very near future, getting to the playoffs will no longer be good enough.

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