Philadelphia Sixers Forward Evan Turner Holding "Funky Feet" Footwork Camp in September

By Dave Daniels
Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

Good for Philadelphia 76ers forward Evan Turner on this one. He is apparently leading a footwork camp in a couple weeks at the Eastside Youth Center, and it is always good to see the professional players give back a little bit. Footwork is always one of those underrated qualities in the truly elite players, and Turner is wise to put his name behind fundamentals over flash. That is always a good lesson to teach young players as well, so kudos to Turner. Shout out for the heads up from the tweet below and if you are in the Philadelphia area feel free to check this out.

Good to see some good news happening with the 76ers, because it is going to be a rough year of basketball for them. With the trade of Jrue Holiday and the addition of Nerlens Noel (out most of the year with injury) as a result, they are clearly looking to the future. With the Eastern conference loaded like it is right now though, can you seriously blame them? They could have a legitimate shot at landing Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker if their record is bad enough. Should they land Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle as a consolation prize though something tells me that the Sixers would not complain.

In any case, Turner is going to have a rough time of it next season. Here is hoping that he can hold on until the Sixers see brighter days, but in the meantime Turner should keep working on his footwork because there is not going to be a lot of winning going on next season in Philly.

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