San Antonio Spurs Guard Danny Green Stayed in Mongolian Hut Over Summer

By Dave Daniels
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Danny Green was terribly close last June to being in serious consideration for Finals MVP, and then we all know what happened after that. Over the summer though? He was sleeping an a hut in Mongolia, and living among a seriously diverse group of people.

“In every city I visited in China there were interesting moments,” Green said to Maxim. “From the culture to the fans, I experienced the country in ways I never imagined I would. In Taiwan it was the food, it was a lot better than I’d expected. In Beijing, it was the diversity of the people. The city reminded me a lot of Chinatown back home in New York. In Inner Mongolia it was the underdeveloped style of living. Everything we did was very rustic, from horseback riding to archery. We also stayed in huts, which was something I never thought I’d do.”

Good to see that he likes Thai food as well, and you can check out the full interview with Green below. Might even have Thai food in Green’s honor tonight.

Green’s development as a player has been impressive and the Spurs organization is just a perfect fit for his talents. It will be interesting to see if Green attempts to become a better ball handler and passer over the next year or if he remains a catch and shoot specialist. He is worth a lot to the Spurs either way, but watching how his role either grows or decreases in the coming season will speak volumes about how the coaching staff and general manager feel about the shooting guard’s development. The Spurs will probably not get back to the Finals tho year, but if they do look for Tim Duncan to absolutely be ready and hopefully Green as well.

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