Brooklyn Nets: Coach K's Confidence In Jason Kidd Speaks Volumes

By Mike B. Ruiz
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

When Mike Krzyzewski gives his stamp of approval, it’s just impossible to overlook. The reputation is too legendary, with the level of respect limitless.

Which is why Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King, who admitted that he was originally “resistant” to the idea of hiring an inexperienced Jason Kidd as the team’s next head coach, sought the opinion of his former coach at Duke.

“I thought it would be a great thing,” Krzyzewski told “I just that it’s going to be a transition [for Kidd] going from player to coach on the bench, so make sure he has a great staff [of assistants around him]. But his instincts and his knowledge of the game and people and who he is, you’re getting the very best.”

Those who doubt that Kidd can be as successful in a suit and tie as he was in a game uniform need to take note of the confidence Coach K has in his former Team USA player.

Krzyzewski knows how to coach basketball, and is far from the type to just hand out such high praise without it being warranted and having some sort of significant meaning. Great coaches are usually pretty good at spotting a player that will be the next fine coach.

If Coach K isn’t going to doubt Kidd’s abilities to coach the Nets, why should anyone else?

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