Cleveland Cavaliers Shouldn’t Feel Slighted Over Victor Oladipo’s Comments

By Cody Williams
Oladipo Magic Cleveland
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Anthony Bennett was the player that the Cleveland Cavaliers, albeit to most everyone’s surprise, selected with the first overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. With the second pick in the draft, the Orlando Magic selected Victor Oladipo, who many people believe to be the surest prospect of the draft class. Had things gone differently, Oladipo could have very well ended up selecting Oladipo.

However, according to some recent comments from the now Orlando guard, he would not have been pleased with that outcome. The Magic posted a quote to their official Twitter account from Oladipo in which he said, “I really didn’t want to go to Cleveland.” That tweet has since been deleted from the team’s account.

After the comments caused a mini-ruckus in the NBA world, Oladipo felt the need to address them on his Twitter account. He tweeted out (without editing), “Sorry to all the cavs fan if I offended them in anyway making the comment I made I didn’t mean it the way you all took it.” That tweet seemed to soothe things over for the most part.

There is absolutely no need for the team or any Cavs fans to take what Oladipo said personally. First and foremost, Oladipo’s comments were mostly about him wanting to go to Orlando, not about him going to Cleveland. By all accounts he had great workouts and meetings with the Magic and that’s where he wanted to end up.

Secondly, it’s hard to blame Oladipo for not wanting to end up in Cleveland solely from a situational standpoint. The Cavs already have an extremely young and talented backcourt in Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters while also adding Jarrett Jack in free agency this summer. Obviously that would leave little playing time for Oladipo if he had gone there. Meanwhile, he will be one of the focal points on a rebuilding and young Magic team.

The Magic’s PR person or whoever runs their Twitter account should have had better taste than to send out that quote, but there also shouldn’t have been the uproar over it that there was. It was a harmless statement with righteous and understandable intentions. If you’re still upset over what he said, settle down.

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