Chandler Parsons Thinks Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook Is Most Fashionable Guy in NBA

By Cody Williams
Westbrook OKC Parsons Fashion
Chris Humphreys – USA Today Sports Images

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is one of the most exciting players in the NBA and is one of the most integral pieces that keeps the Thunder’s high-octane engine pumping. If you need any proof of that, look at how the Thunder struggled in the 2013 NBA Playoffs after Westbrook went down with his knee injury.

Despite Westbrook’s performance and importance to his team, though, there are still people that look to take away from him. People are still on his case about deferring to Kevin Durant more and being a more traditional point guard, despite Westbrook and OKC’s success. However, Westbrook is most often criticized for his fashion choices, which is somewhat deserved. After all, this is the guy who wore a vest that resembled a suit of armor to a game at one point last season.

However, according to Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons, Westbrook is the most fashionable player in the entire league. While at New York Fashion Week, Esquire magazine asked Parsons who he looked up to in terms of fashion in the league and he responded with Westbrook, citing the guard’s boldness in what he wears as a reason why.

Parsons is turning into one of the best role players in the league and every person should have the chance to express themselves, but if Westbrook’s style is what Parsons considers fashionable, I’m going to make sure he never comes near my wardrobe.

Westbrook will return to the floor this season and the Thunder will undoubtedly be looking to stay atop the Western Conference and prove themselves in the postseason. However, let’s try not to use the word “fashionable” when talking about the OKC point guard ever again.

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