Orlando Magic Guard Victor Oladipo Did Not Want To Get Drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers

By Dave Daniels
Victor Oladipo
Douglas Jones- USA TODAY Sports

Well it seems that Orlando Magic guard Victor Oladipo did not want to get drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The comic sans angry letter promising the Cavs would get a championship before LeBron James looks pretty stupid in hindsight, and can you really blame James for wanting to work with Pat Riley over Gilbert?

First saw the news about Oladipo in the tweet below and definitely should be some lash back when the Magic pay a visit to Quicken Loans arena next season. If Oladipo can silence the crowd with a win though, that would definitely be the last laugh.

To be fair to Oladipo, he apologizes to any fans he might have offended with his comments, and this appears to be quite a nice young man who works extremely hard at his craft. Was greatly impressed by his pre-Draft job interview with Grantland, which is definitely worth checking out.

Little known fact about Oladipo is that he has a twin sister named Victoria. Not sure that will help him on the court next season, but it is interesting none the less

Victor, I’m glad the Cavs didn’t draft you too! So don’t feel bad.

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