How Much Time Will Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo Miss In 2013-14?

By Brandon Spencer
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Recent reports coming out of Boston are saying that Celtics’ All-Star PG Rajon Rondo will most likely miss all of the preseason, as well as a few regular season games. This report is based on a normal timetable for a the torn ACL injury that Rondo suffered on January 25. However, Boston Celtics‘ head coach Brad Stevens and the rest of team personnel still indicate that there is not a set timetable for Rondo’s return.

It’s been eight months since Rondo suffered the injury. His injured knee was repaired on February 12. Typically, recovery from such injuries takes 6-9 months. This past week, Rondo reached the seven-month mark in his recovery process.

Early reports predicted that Rondo would be back for training camp, which begins in two weeks. While there have been no setbacks in his recovery, it still looks like he will miss some time. This is no surprise, and it certainly is best for Rondo to take his time to come back at full strength.

At the same time though, the Celtics have a really tough schedule at the beginning of the season. Being without the All-Star’s services will make things even more difficult.

The silver lining here is that Rondo should be available to practice with the team during this time. With training camp beginning soon, the opportunity for Rondo to just practice with the team would be beneficial for everyone on the team. I expect the team to be ultra-conservative with their approach to Rondo’s return. It could be anywhere from the beginning of the season to Christmas before Rondo makes his return.

As a team with little chance to contend this season, the Celtics are well suited to facilitate a full recovery for Rondo.

All reports seem to indicate Rondo is recovering well from the injury. Considering Rondo’s hard work ethic and determination, it still isn’t outside the realm of possibility that he returns for the beginning of the regular season. The Celtics have made it very clear that Rondo is the centerpiece for their future plans. Rondo is all-in as well.

ESPN reports that Rondo spent last week in the Boston area, rehabbing and working with teammates on the floor. Stevens says Rondo is “excited” by the challenges that lie ahead.

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