New York Knicks Shaved Points As Favor To Drug Dealer in 1981 Season

By Dave Daniels
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is not exactly a shocker, because it was a cocaine league back then but a new book is claiming that the New York Knicks shaved points in the 1981 season. This was apparently as a favor to the team’s cocaine dealer, and the book cites FBI documents as proof of this.

The book is called “Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing and the FBI”, and it was written by Brian Tuohy. This one would certainly be an interesting, but probably depressing read for Knicks fans out there.

“Coked-up Knicks players fixed games as a favor to their drug dealer,” wrote the New York Post, “who bet big bucks against the anemic New York squad, FBI informants claimed during the 1981-82 season.”

No names are mentioned in the FBI documents and the Beaureau stopped following the case after they could not prove that any of the players were doing it.

Just for the record, the Knicks finished last in their division that season so there may just be some merit to this. The Knicks this year certainly do not have to worry about cocaine, but they do have to worry about their new friends out in Brooklyn. This is strange and odd news to get 30 years later, but all in all the news for Knicks’ fans this summer has gone from bad to worse. As usual.

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