Phoenix Suns Point Guard Goran Dragic Leads Slovenia to EuroBasket Win Over Greece

By Dave Daniels
Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix Suns point Goran Dragic continues to impress me more and more, and his play this summer has not changed in the least. His game has improved leaps and bounds the last couple years and he appears ready to carry the Suns on a nightly basis, but we will see if that looks like a playoff team. It was clear back when Steve Nash was running the show in Phoenix that the Suns had a future starter in Dragic. His play this summer has only made me trust Dragic’s game more. Will definitely keep an eye on his play the rest of the summer, because it will have a lot to do with how the Suns use Eric Bledsoe. Dragic’s scoring but more importantly his all around game led the Slovenia’s victory over Greece in impressive fashion.

The Suns might even play Dragic at shooting guard and Bledsoe at point for the majority of the time next season, because it really does not make sense to have Bledsoe on the bench. Unfortunately Bledsoe is too short to play shooting guard, so in that scenario it falls to Dragic to play the two.

Dragic in the meantime though is slowly developing into a potential All Star and if he can stay healthy then we could be talking next season for that honor.

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