Detroit Pistons' Josh Smith Is Thankfully Working on His Jumper

By Mike Klompstra
David Richards-USA TODAY Sports

Word on the street is Josh Smith has been working on his jump shot:

“I’m just trying to polish up on things,” he said after working with assistant coach Rasheed Wallace on the perimeter and in the low post. “I’m trying to be more consistent on my mid-range and long-range jumper. I’ve been working on it hard each and every day here.” (Perry A. Ferrell of the Detroit Free Press)

For the sake of the Detroit Pistons‘ immediate offensive future this season, I certainly hope so. As I very briefly covered in a recent piece, Josh Smith hasn’t been posting the best shooting numbers recently, and the Pistons will need him to be at least an occasional threat from outside in order to help keep opposing defenses from sagging off of him and clogging the paint. So to hear he’s been working on his jumper is definitely good news.

However, one has to wonder how much he’s been working on it throughout his career so far. Smith’s long jumper seems to be one of the favorite parts of his offensive repertoire, and it only seems fitting that he is working on it with Rasheed Wallace, a former Piston big man who showed the same favoritism toward the long jumper instead of working the blocks.

Rasheed Wallace also chimed in on the matter, and it sounds as if the Pistons will be counting on Smith’s jumper this season:

“You don’t want him doing things he’s not used to doing,’’ Wallace said. “We’re trying to get him comfortable making the 15- to 18-foot jump shot.’’

Hopefully he gets comfortable making this shot because he’s already comfortable taking it. Smith took just under half his shots from outside of 10 feet last season and made only a sliver over 30% of them. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that Smith likes the jumper. They could really use a big guy that can stretch the floor. If Rasheed can help Smith improve his shooting accuracy, he could help the Pistons be an incredibly dangerous team this season.


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