Hakeem Olajuwon's Latest Comments Give Houston Rockets' Fans Hope

By Andrew Fisher
Hakeem Olajuwon
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hakeem Olajuwon is the greatest player in the history of the Houston Rockets. There’s also no one that’s more respected than ‘The Dream’ in Rocketland. The guy was great on the court and he’s equally as good off it. Olajuwon is still very much involved with the franchise, as he currently acts as a special instructor with the team. Recently, he had a chance to workout with Rockets’ point guard Jeremy Lin and newly acquired center, Dwight Howard.

Apparently, the Dream walked away from this workout session very impressed:

“Just the little offense I saw, that combination is very deadly. You can see that both of them are very excited, seeing that ‘Wow, we bring the right ingredients together.’ When you see players that are dedicated to succeed, it gives you that window to see what kind of season that we’re looking for.”

While some will disagree that Howard is dedicated to succeed, Olajuwon knows the game of basketball as good as anyone. Maybe he sees something new in Howard that hasn’t been there before? I suppose it’s possible.

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I never understood why Howard didn’t consider the Rockets back in 2012. The Orlando Magic were ready to pull the trigger on a deal to send him to Houston, but the center was apparently not interested. I wrote an article at the time saying that Olajuwon could do wonders for his career and I guess we’ll get to see if that prediction will pan out. If there is a guy who can help take Howard to the next level, it’s no doubt the Dream.


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