Houston Rockets Forward Chandler Parsons Thinks "Using a Stylist Is Cheating"

By Dave Daniels
Houston Rockets
Stephen R. Sylvanie

God, I love the NBA. Especially for all the weird outfits these guys wear and it seems like it might get a little bit competitive on the fashion front next season. Chandler Parsons recently said that “using a stylist is cheating” when it comes to fashion, which is interesting to say and makes me wonder who is dressing Russell Westbrook in particular. Something tells me that is just Russell, but if it is a stylisyt then oh boy.

A friend of mine recently described Parson’s game as “herky jerky, but effective” and think that is a pretty good description of the forward’s game. Me? I’m just trying to get my writing on and get my twitter on, and if that is a sin then screw it guess I’m a sinner.

The different styles in the league are quite fun to keep track of and Dwyane Wade is another guy who made some let’s just call them interesting fashion choices next season. The city of Houston owe Parsons a huge favor, because he was apparently recruiting Dwight Howard like a madman. Well, the Houston Rockets will be a new look team next season, and you can bet that Parsons will be fashioning some new looks in the postgame as well.

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