Jason Terry Will Get Brooklyn Nets Tattoo In Classic Irrational Confidence Move

By Dave Daniels
Debby Wong- USA TODAY Sports

Well you can’t really blame Jason Terry for trying, because it worked the first time. The guard will be getting a Brooklyn Nets tattoo in honor of his new team even though the tattoo he got for his time in Boston did not exactly pan out. Terry says he does not regret the tattoo and don’t doubt him here, because he has always seemed like a guy who lives with few regrets. Have to admit love to watch Terry play and it will be a fascinating experiment in Brooklyn. Really think Kevin Garnett has a lot left in the tank if they can control his minutes. Paul Pierce had the same issue last year when he had to play heavy minutes and basically became the defacto point guard after Rajon Rondo went down.

The leprechaun tattoo is a pretty design, but it does make him look a little silly have to admit. He probably should have stopped while he was ahead with the tattoo predictions, but it is his life to live. Something tells me Garnett will not be getting any tattoos, but getting adjusted to his new city life. Something tells me Brooklyn is going to love “The Kid”‘s (funny nickname now no?) intensity on the court. Hopefully Terry can add in some energy off the bench, but it has not looked to pretty the last couple years.

He will either be batting one for three or two for three on tattoos if Brooklyn can pull off a borough miracle.

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