Paul George To Sign Long-Term Deal With Indiana Pacers

By Dylan Hughes
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George has, undoubtedly, become the Indiana Pacers‘ leader after last season, and with this season being his last under contract, some fans might have worried he would take his talents elsewhere before the fun really began. Well, stress no more, because it seems George is here for the long haul.

“(A long-term deal) is going to get done,” George told The Indianapolis Star. “There will be a deal signed and sealed on the table before the season. We’re (George and Pacers management) on the same page.”

If George was to go through this season without a new deal, the Pacers would be able to match any offer he received next summer, as he would be a restricted free agent. Getting the deal done now is more beneficial for each party, especially Indiana, as they could go through this season stress-free and get the deal done with their agreed-upon terms.

George, who hails from Southern California, has been asked about the possibility of joining the Los Angeles Lakers. It makes sense why he might want to sign with the Lakers, as they are in desperate need of a player like George and California is his home. When asked about signing with LA, George told ESPN Radio,”Of course it would be tough (to say no to Kobe). You’re talking about playing (at) home.”

These comments may have scared the Pacers and their fans a bit, but when asked if he would leave Indiana, he stated,“No. Honestly, I love it here. I want to be here. It’s a great place. There are no distractions. I can stay focused. It’s all about basketball here. I can stay focused and do my job.”

Indiana has a great shot at playing in the NBA Finals this season and for seasons to come, and George is obviously a huge reason for that. Staying a Pacer is a very smart and mature decision by George, and hopefully he gets the money he deserves.

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