Washington Wizards Hope To Carry Momentum Forward After Closing Last Season 24-19

By Dave Daniels
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hope is a dangerous, slippery thing as any Washington Sports fan is more than aware of. The Washington Wizards foolishly gave us all hope at the end of last season, that if only John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Nene can share the floor and all stay healthy for the majority of the year then maybe we are looking at a dark horse playoff team. It is unfortunate that a knee injury cost Wall the chance to make the playoffs happen last year, but they had to give him a max extension regardless. If the Wizards had lost Wall it would have been truly devastating, and the organization should be more than thrilled that a player like him even wants to be around.

The reality? The Wizards went 24-19 to end last season and if Wall had been healthy they probably would have gotten to at the very least eighth seed in the playoffs. Otto Porter Jr. is likely going to disappoint many Wizards’ hopefuls next season, but word out of Europe is that Jan Vesely has taken some steps forward in his game. We will just see about that, pretty sure have written here he might be the worst player in the league, but that does not mean I don’t think Vesely has potential.

Cannot wait to see what these guys can do in the preseason, but here is hoping everyone stays healthy until then. Especially you Wall.

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