Chicago Bulls Small Forward Jimmy Butler Plays 2-on-2 with Mark Wahlberg

By Dave Daniels
Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

Well, well, well. Mark E. Mark makes another sports appearance, which I’m totally fine with and hopefully it is not the last.

Saw the tweet below and the Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler was playing some two on two with movie star Mark Wahlberg, who happens to be a pretty fantastic and hilarious actor. (e.g. “The Other Guys” feat. Will Ferrerll)

You can check out some footage of Butler working on his game against Mark here.

Butler is in an odd position, because he played his butt off for the team last season but he may have just played Luol Deng off the team. Contract negotiations between Deng and the Bulls did not go well. and there could be a shakeup coming in that regard within the next year. It is a damn shame, because Deng fits everything about this city like a glove. Basketball is a business, though and it appears that Deng’s failed spinal tap just came at the wrong moment. If Deng leaves though, Bulls fans will miss him even more than they currently realize.

Butler, it seems though, will be with the Bulls for quite a long time and if his jump shot is improved this year then he will log heavy minutes next season. Deng could be on the way out though for the Bulls and that is a darn shame.

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