Cleveland Cavaliers To Become Third Team Disappointed By Andrew Bynum's Health

By Dave Daniels
Will Andrew Bynum Help Cleveland Cavaliers Clinch Playoff Spot
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Oh Dan Gilbert. How did you not see this one coming. Reports are coming out that Andrew Bynum is nowhere near ready to play basketball and he will likely miss the entire preseason. Let me log that under my things that do not surprise me list.

This was predictable to say the least, and if Bynum plays any effective minutes for the Cleveland Cavaliers it would come as a shock to me but maybe the young center has something left in the tank. Shout out to the tweet below for alerting me to Bynum’s health.

Bynum has been a knucklehead for most of his career, and this latest disappoint should be seen as part of a pattern and not an anomaly. This is not good for the Cavs, and they could be headed back to the lottery as a result. Love Kyrie Irving, but he has no help and without a big man the young point guard is going to take another beating this coming season.

For Cavs fans out there still holding out hope, I feel for you. It is probably going to be a rough ride for the next few years, but if you all hold on hope then maybe some day there will be a successful patch. Or maybe not.

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