Dallas Mavericks Forward Dirk Nowitzki Voted Fifth Best European Player

By Dave Daniels
Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

Dirk Nowitzki might be legitimately offended by this one, although he has probably heard much worse. The Dallas Mavericks power forward was recently voted in a poll of players as the fifth best European player of all time. That one has got to hurt although do love the appearance of Drazen Petrozic, who would have been a truly unique and dynamic player had tragedy not struck his life. Interesting to see that his name still resonates throughout international ball.

Nowitzki will be looking around for help next season and sorry to say that it will not be there for him. When the Mavs sunk so low as to sign Fab Melo, that is when I knew they were in for some serious trouble. Dirk deserves better than this honestly in his latter years in the league, but unfortunately Mark Cuban thought an episode of Shark Week and a way outside shot at Dwight Howard and Chris Paul was worth the last year’s of Dirk’s prime. Thanks a lot Mark!

Just kidding there, but only a little bit. It is going to be a tough road to hoe for the Mavericks and do not expect them to be returning to the playoffs this year. Nowitzki is certainly the best European player on his own team though, so guess he can hold on to that.

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