How Will Sacramento Kings Show Appreciation for Fans?

By Michael Terrill
How Will Sacramento Kings Show Appreciation for Fans
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question the Sacramento Kings are ecstatic about staying in California, opposed to moving to Seattle, Wash. The organization has plenty of people to be thankful for, including the loyal fans. For that reason, the franchise will show appreciation for the fans throughout the year beginning with the season opener on Oct. 30.

“No one was more excited than we were about the decision to keep the Kings in Sacramento,” News10 General Manager Maria Barrs said, according to “This is a pivotal year, and a commercial-free opening game is a great chance for fans to tune-in and rediscover why Kings basketball is so exciting and so important to this community.”

That is right Kings fans. You will be able to watch the first game of the 2013-14 NBA season free of commercials. It is an incredible deal for everyone watching at home, as the fans will get to be just as much of a part of opening night as the people inside the arena. It is important for everyone to share in the electricity and be a part of a night that is largely possible because of the overwhelming support from the people of Sacramento.

“News10 has been a loyal and valuable partner for us, and we look forward to working with them again this year,” Kings President Chris Granger said, according to “We are excited to offer the home opener commercial-free, and give our wonderful fans a peek into the arena experience on what is certain to be a special night.”

It is quite amazing that News10 is doing this great gesture for the fans, especially since they could make a decent amount of money during the first game of the season.

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