Cleveland Cavaliers Correct Petty Slight of LeBron James on Team Website

By Cody Williams
LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
Steve Mitchell – USA Today Sports Images

On Friday, the Cleveland Cavaliers posted a feature to the team website that looked over the history of their franchise by placing the most iconic players to wear each jersey number for the Cavs in their time in the NBA. Kyrie Irving, Craig Ehlo, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and many others were listed in the slide show.

However, there was a glaring exclusion from the list when the article got to number 23.

Initially, the Cavs had Tyrone Corbin featured as the player in their history that wore number 23. Corbin was a great player for Cleveland in his day, but it’s hard not to see that initial choice as a bitter shot being taken at LeBron James for leaving the Cavs with “The Decision.”

Eventually the Cavs went on to correcting their own decision to exclude LeBron from their list and put him on the countdown, even sending out a tweet on the team’s official account acknowledging that James deserves to be on that countdown.

With LeBron’s pending free agency in the summer of 2014, a return to the Cavs has been widely discussed. However, that’s not going to happen with the organization still stooping low to take pot-shots at LeBron and slight what he brought to the franchise while he was there.

For the way that James left Cleveland, there’s no doubt that the team and the fans had reason to be angry. However, as this team has moved forward, built towards possibly making the postseason this year, and possibly could get LeBron back next summer, it’s time to get over it. The Cavs are no longer the victim in this story, so they should stop playing the role of the bitter ex.

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