Indiana Pacers' Danny Granger Wants to Play Before Addressing His Role

By Dylan Hughes
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

With Danny Granger‘s injury last season, shooting guard Lance Stephenson got a chance to show the Indiana Pacers what he could do and had his playing time dramatically increased.

Now that the new season is upon us and Granger has returned to health, there have been some questions whether Stephenson should start and if Granger should play a sixth man role, or if the team should have Granger start and move Stephenson back to the bench and Paul George back to shooting guard.

Well, Granger commented on the subject, saying “I’ve got to play first. That’s the question I’ve got to answer first,” according to Nat Newell of The Indianapolis Star.

I think whether Granger enters the season healthy or not really determines if he starts or not. If he isn’t 100 percent, he will start on the bench. If he is, he will be in the starting lineup. So, Granger saying he needs to play before he addresses what his role will be really makes sense, because he himself doesn’t even know what he’s ready for yet. He needs to see how much his knee can handle at a time.

There will surely be a lot of questions answered about Danny Granger and the Indiana Pacers‘ starting lineup for this season in the upcoming training camp and preseason games. The Pacers have a lot of potential coming into the season, and with Granger back in action, you know they will be scary.

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