Detroit Pistons’ Brandon Jennings Excited to Play with Talented Big Men

By Michael Terrill
Detroit Pistons’ Brandon Jennings Excited to Play with Talented Big Men
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Point guard Brandon Jennings appeared to be very excited to find out he was traded to the Detroit Pistons this offseason. It is not that the Milwaukee Bucks was a bad team to play for, but rather, it was clear the organization did not want his presence on the court anymore. With Jennings looking ahead to the 2013-14 NBA season, it is obvious he is excited about all of the possibilities.

Jennings believes that the team’s big men bring a certain edge to the game that could make the Pistons a very successful basketball team in the near future. In fact, Jennings believes he will be playing with far more talented players in Detroit than he ever did in Milwaukee.

Andre Drummond, his potential is very high. He’s so young, too,” Jennings said, according to “Greg Monroe, he’s a guy we can get the ball to under the basket and make plays, get buckets. They’re two big, physical guys, too. And with Josh (Smith), bringing him in here, I think we should own the glass this year, defense and offense.”

“With the talent we have – we have two of the best young big men in the league right now, Drummond and Greg Monroe. You really don’t see that too much anymore,” Jennings continued. “That was the David RobinsonTim Duncan era, when they were together. Now that we have two of ’em – and two young guys – I’m real excited to be able to play with those two.”

It is unclear whether the Pistons will be able to make a legitimate run in the very competitive Central division. The Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers are both going to make some noise, while the Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers have the potential to cause some trouble. With that being said, it is clear Detroit has the necessary talent to be very good. Whether that will be this season is unknown for now.

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