Sacramento Kings Want ESPN To Know They Aren’t “Worst Franchise” In Professional Sports

By Cody Williams
Sacramento Kings front office
Kelley L. Cox – USA Today Sports Images

In recent years, the Sacramento Kings haven’t exactly been the cream of the crop in the NBA. In fact, they’ve been one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the league that have really only made news when center DeMarcus Cousins does something immature and stupid to get himself ejected from a game.

The Kings are now on the front page of an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine, but it’s once again for awful reasons. It was announced earlier this week that ESPN had named the Kings the worst franchise in the four major professional sports, weighing things like the front office, the coaches, the cost and the overall ambience of seeing the team. Weighing only their recent history, ranking them low on that list is understandable.

However, the new regime that is now in the Sacramento front office took offense to what ESPN had to say. On Sunday they put out a full page ad in response to that ranking, seen in this tweet from Bryan May of KXTV News10 in Sacramento:

This Kings team isn’t without flaws. Cousins still presents a challenge in terms of taming his personality and, to some degree, his game. They are also a team looking to try and make sense of a roster that was built by the Maloofs and made no real sense when it was constructed.

With new majority owner Vivek Ranadive, new general manager Pete D’Allesandro, and new head coach Mike Malone, this isn’t the same Kings team or front office that we are used to seeing. This is a team that wants to give the fans in Sacramento a team and product to be proud of and to support whole-heartedly. This team may not be great this season, but they have people in place that finally want get it headed in the right direction. Because of that alone, this Kings team should probably be moved up on ESPN’s list.

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