Could Milwaukee Bucks Be Gearing Up For Big Future Trade?

By Cody Williams
Milwaukee Bucks Hammond Drew
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The Milwaukee Bucks have had a strange offseason in terms of the moves they’ve made. Giving center Larry Sanders a contract extension seems like a solid move, especially if he keeps developing like he has over the past few seasons. However, they haven’t done much else to get out of NBA purgatory, also known as being a possible playoff team, but not close to being a title contender.

As far as the Bucks’ other off-season moves go, it gets a bit more puzzling. It’s understandable why they wanted to see Brandon Jennings go after the tumultuous ride they had with him for four seasons, but it’s perplexing that they got an equally unproven Brandon Knight as part of the Jennings sign-and-trade.

Along those same lines, the Bucks were able to finally be done with free-shooting, have-it-all guard Monta Ellis as he became a free-agent, but the Bucks then went and signed O.J. Mayo, who has had his troubles with being an inefficient scorer over his career as well.

Along those same lines, the Bucks also traded to young prospects in Ish Smith and Viacheslav Kravstov for the aging and declining Caron Butler, though Butler could be a decent addition for this year. The signing of Carlos Delfino is another interesting, but ultimately confusing move Milwaukee pulled out this season.

There’s no denying that there are a lot of talented players on this Bucks roster, but the pieces don’t really seem to fit all that well moving forward. Because of that, it makes me wonder whether or not this Milwaukee team is stockpiling players with the intention of making a deal somewhere in the semi-near future.

This Bucks team, even though the made the postseason last year, have been saddled with mediocrity for quite a while at this point. If they are going to change that, their roster as it is currently assembled really isn’t the way to go about it. With the front office preaching that they aren’t going to tank, that makes me wonder if they have plans to shuffle this roster up with a relatively big trade sometime soon.

Milwaukee is a team that has shown in the past that they will get behind a good basketball team, but it’s hard to get behind a team assembled as uninspiringly as this one is. If the Bucks know what’s good for their team and their future, preparing to make a big trade would be the way to go.

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