Paul Pierce Wants to Be a Part of Boston Forever

By Brandon Spencer
Greg M. Cooper-USATODAY Sports

Paul Pierce grew up in Inglewood, California as a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. In 1998, that all changed when his favorite team’s rivals, the Boston Celtics, drafted Pierce with their first pick. Fast forward 15 years and 24,000 points later, and Pierce is now one of the greatest players to ever play for the Celtics. This season will mark the first time that Pierce plays for a team other than the Celtics. But even as member of the Brooklyn Nets, Pierce has made it publicly known that he will always be a Celtic, even if he’s not actually playing for them.

Pierce, aka “The Truth”, said he wants to establish something substantial in Boston, having grown attached to the city over the course of his career with the Celtics. Pierce wants to become a fixture in Boston after his playing days are over. The 10-time NBA All-Star says he would like to own a sports bar or work in the Celtics front office.

“Ultimately, what I would like to do is have a business in Boston,” said Pierce. “Maybe like a sports bar. I would love to do something like that here. None of the former Celtic great players have come and done that. I thought about it, and why hasn’t anyone come and opened up a nice restaurant? You see the Don Shula restaurant, the Michael Jordan restaurant, and Magic [Johnson] got the theaters in LA. Why nobody here? All this history, all these championships and love, why has nobody done that?”

In a perfect world, Pierce would have been able to finish his career with the Celtics. Despite being traded to Brooklyn during this year’s NBA Draft, there’s still a good chance that Pierce’s Celtic story still has a happy ending. His contract with the Nets is up and the end of this season, so there’s always the chance he could return to Boston and finish his playing days wearing green.

If that doesn’t happen, Pierce still would like to work with the Celtics again in another role. Pierce said he holds no grudges toward the Celtics and again pointed to a future relationship with the organization.

“Who knows? I may be working for Wyc Grousbeck or Danny Ainge,” said Pierce. “A lot of players don’t understand it. I’ve always understood it. And [other players] let their pride and ego get in the way. I’ve made a lot of money here, I’ve built relationships, won a championship here, I thank y’all for everything y’all gave me. How can I be mad for everything they’ve given me. I’m thankful.”

Paul Pierce loves the Boston Celtics as much as the organization and its fans love him. Hopefully Pierce can win another championship in Brooklyn and then come back in some capacity with the Celtics’ organization. Until then, expect the ovation that he receives upon returning to the Garden to be deafening.

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