What Should Dallas Mavericks Expect from Center Samuel Dalembert?

By Michael Terrill
What Should Dallas Mavericks Expect from Center Samuel Dalembert
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If the Dallas Mavericks are expecting a lot from center Samuel Dalembert in 2013-14, they better re-think their strategy. The organization signed the free agent to a two-year, $7.5 million contract in the offseason with the hopes that he could be a legitimate force around the basket. Unfortunately, Dalembert’s best days are behind him.

The Milwaukee Bucks hoped the former Houston Rockets center would be a difference maker when they traded for him prior to the 2012 NBA Draft. They believed the 31-year-old would be a great rebounder who could also be a force on defense. They would have also taken whatever offensive game they were fortunate to get from him. Unfortunately, it never panned out that way.

Some would say Dalembert was never given a decent chance to blossom with the Bucks because of the emergence of center Larry Sanders, who will be the face of the franchise going forward. With that being said, Dalembert rarely impressed when he was on the court, which is why he averaged 16.3 minutes per game in just 47 contests last season.

The Mavericks are hoping for someone who will crowd the boards and also get the occasional block. There is no question they should be able to get that much out of him considering he has averaged 8.1 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game in his career. However, it also appears Dallas believes he can be an offensive threat as well, which simply is not the case, at least for someone that is expected to start.

Simply put, Dalembert is not someone that is going to be a center that is capable of taking a team through the playoffs. With that being said, he should give the Mavericks a decent defensive performance on a consistent basis, assuming he stays healthy.

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