Dallas Mavericks Bring Back Devin Harris, Needs Improvement

By Elaine J. Dispo
DH and JKidd fellow Mavs and Nets alum
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The Dallas Mavericks are making a good move by bringing back guard Devin Harris, but the NBA guard must step up his game to help the Mavs succeed this season and his own future in the league.

Harris returns to his original NBA team, after he left in the 2008 trade for Jason Kidd, who also started his career in Dallas. Does that sound like déjà vu to you? Harris could be pulling a “Kidd,” as they both were rookies for the Mavs and also played for the Brooklyn Nets, which were based in New Jersey until their turnover to Brooklyn this past season. “JKidd,” alongside 1994-95 Co-Rookie of the Year and Dallas-born Grant Hill, retired after both logged in almost two whole decades in the league.

Hopefully, Harris will progress toward more success in his career like these fresh NBA retirees have, but will he earn championship status like two-time Mav and new Nets head coach Kidd or fall short like the talented yet title-less Hill?

As Harris will tip off the season that will mark a whole decade for him with the league, here is a play-by-play of his progress since his rookie run with the Mavs to now. After his first three and-a-half seasons in Dallas, he went on to play for the Nets, followed by the Utah Jazz and the Atlanta Hawks.

Highlights of Harris’ NBA career include his key performances during the 2006 playoffs that led the Mavericks to their first shot at the NBA Finals, playing in the 2009 NBA All-Star Game as a Net and his “three-peat” of quadruple-digit point totals for his three full peak seasons with New Jersey.

However, Harris’ stats have declined with the Jazz and the Hawks. He averaged 9.9 points per game last season with Atlanta, the same amount that he averaged in the 2005-06 season with Dallas before the Mavericks advanced to the postseason.

Now that he is back, he must improve on both his offense and defense. When he has possession, he should extend plays and attempt more mid-range shots. During defense, he must be more aggressive by staying on his man and blocking shots.

After hopes of acquiring Dwight Howard fell through, as the center chose to go with another Texas team (Houston Rockets), Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki was delighted to warmly welcome Harris back to Dallas, as evident in this tweet:

While Harris reunites with Nowitzki, who has played in Dallas his entire NBA career and just wrapped up the best offseason of his personal life, he also reunites with former Net teammate, Vince Carter.

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