Rodney Williams Is Fitting Training Camp Signing for Philadelphia 76ers

By Cody Williams
Rodney Williams Sixers camp
Jesse Johnson – USA Today Sports Images

The tanking Philadelphia 76ers aren’t exactly trying to build a juggernaut for the 2013-2014 NBA season. Actually, they are trying to build the exact opposite of whatever a juggernaut is. This Sixers team could legitimately challenge for the dubious record of the worst winning percentage in a single season.

With Nerlens Noel heading into the offseason with an uncertain return date and a roster full of either young players or players that the Sixers are essentially waiting out until they come off of the books at the end of the season, there really isn’t a reason for what this team is doing other than to intentionally be atrocious.

Given that, their training camp invites are somewhat entertaining to watch because they don’t want to bring anyone that could potentially make them better than they would like to be this season. With those criteria, undrafted rookie Rodney Williams heading to Sixers training camp makes perfect sense.

The former Minnesota swingman didn’t have a lot of hype as he came out of college this past year and rightfully so. In his senior year with the Golden Gophers, Williams averaged only 10.1 points, five rebounds and 1.7 assists in 28.2 minutes per game while shooting 46.8 percent from the floor, but only 20.5 percent from long-distance.

As he’s on a partially guaranteed deal heading into camp, Williams has a semi-likely chance of making Philly’s final roster. However, don’t expect to be impressed by what he shows at training camp or potentially in the regular season. He’s a wing that isn’t a great defender and isn’t a great jump-shooter. With the way the league has gone in recent years, Williams doesn’t have that desirable of a skill-set for the Sixers’ future. For their massive tank-job this year, though, he fits right in.

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