Why Indiana Pacers Have The Best Big Men Combo With David West and Roy Hibbert

By Justin Logan
Roy Hibbert and David West
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

The NBA has had many superstars in the backcourt, but the league has certainly lacked the premiere “big men” over the past few years. The Indiana Pacers have veteran power forward David West and center Roy Hibbert to make a case for themselves as resurrecting the “big men” mentality. The two men bring an identity to the game that could leave many opposing teams wishing they had the same idea.

West has been the heart and soul of the Pacers defense. With a team that has been rebuilding since the historic brawl against the Detroit Pistons, West has been a leader to the relatively young Pacers team. The wily veteran has been a true vocal leader as well as a workhorse for the Pacers last year playing in 66 games last year and being the guy the team looks for when needing a basket. West may not be the biggest guy out there but his crafty turnaround jumpers and low-post moves may cause teams to alter lineups to find someone to guard him.

Hibbert is becoming the true center of the NBA. His 7-foot-2 frame has been upgraded in the offseason as he works out with San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan making Duncan look like a small-forward next to Hibbert. Despite his slow start to the season last year, his second-half surge proves that signing him to a contract last year was worthwhile for the Pacers. Near the end of the season last year, Hibbert began to perfect his hook shot and his low post moves on offense while being known as the “great wall of Hibbert” to his fans.

Hibbert and West compliment each other on the court well by providing both veteran low-post moves in West and “big man” presence in Hibbert. They both cause multiple problems for teams who do not have much of an outside game but prefer to isolate and drive to the basket. Against the Pacers, the opposing teams should know who will be waiting for them near the rim.

Justin Logan is an Indiana Pacers writer for Rant Sports.

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