Chicago Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau Says Summer Has Given Derrick Rose "Opportunity to Build Strength and Confidence"

By Dave Daniels
David Banks- USA TODAY Sports

Had a lot of friends in Chicago who lost respect for Derrick Rose last season when he did not return to play.

I was never in that camp, and have almost always gone the direction of patience in cases like this. Seen too many players like Gilbert Arenas and Penny Hardaway that were never the same player after their injury because they tried to rush back. Fans of Robert Griffin III will know what I’m talking about as well.

So was real pleased to see the comments below by Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau about Rose’s offseason. Coach said the summer has given Rose the “opportunity to build strength and gain confidence”, which should show in the point guard’s play this season.

The pictures of all the Bulls players hugging that are popping up on twitter should give Chicago fans hope, and they really do seem to be a team that loves to play together.

I blame the Adidas commercial for giving the masses a false impression about when D. Rose was coming back, but when basketball fans get to see him at full health this season then everyone will get over it.

Can Rose help the Bulls overcome the champs? That will be a tall order, but they now have the talent to do it. Let’s get this season going y’all. I’m ready.

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